Wyatt Noise Recordings- Overdrive EP

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Wyatt Noise Recordings – Overdrive EP



Time goes  by quickly as Wyatt Noise Recordings reaches its second birthday already and to celebrate the crew is dropping the ‘Overdrive EP’, a tense dance floor affair full to the brim with heavy duty bass city rollers.

Label head Rich Raw leads the charge with the crashing percussion of ‘The Craft’ while its grandiose orchestral samples prep us for the uplifting, synth-led ride ahead that’s a heads down, big system marcher through and through.



Bolo then flips things round with the low-slung fun of the title track ‘Overdrive’, a stripped back animalistic slice of bass weight designed with one thing in mind. Drop this into any mix, sit back and the damage is done.

Raw returns on ‘Ghost’ with an ominous intro of cinematic sound sculptures before unleashing the toughest of drums and possibly his most heinous bassline yet. Then it’s left to Studio One to finish things off with ‘Aux 3’. The apparent ode to their missing desk is a cold, calculated slab of rolling drum & bass, a sound now very much accustomed to Wyatt Noise Recordings.

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