BC9 - Bad Monday


BC9 - Bad Monday
BC9 – Bad Monday


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New single BAD MONDAY co-produced by BC9 and Marv Man, producer and DJ from London, England. Listen and buy HERE…BAD MONDAY Marv Man and BC9 collaborated on this new Drum & Bass banger. Marv & BC9 found an instant chemistry working online, shipping individual tracks back in forth between London and the USA for just a few hours, days and minutes to compose BAD MONDAY. This single is hot, AAA from the heart and soul of these two producers. In the prime of their “grind”, we can only hope that this new sound is something that will evolve and carry own to more collaboration and more great music. This sound created by both Marv Man & BC9 is too phat & fine to just leave it at one chart crusher so keep your fingers crossed!!

BC9 follows up BAD MONDAY with an absolute hip hop, grey grind chart climbing song to keep it moving, like it’s moving up the hip hop charts on iTunes in the USA. New Single KING OF CLUBS…listen and buy HERE!

Also in the latest wave of success, BC9, after 17 weeks at #1, is holding steady at #3 on REVERB NATION’s Alternative Artist Rank for Dallas, Texas USA. Preview all music HERE, and check out what new podcasts are being uploaded for the publics consumption of tasty musical treats served up by DJ BC9.

Just to make the whole month of September end with a nice downtempo feeling to unwind to, BC9 drops LATE NITE SOUNDS, a track with a great after-hours vibe… polished, crisp and plush tronica for the individual who enjoys electronic mood lighting and atmospheric audio perceptions and desires.

I-Tunes link HERE

Also, introducing Barrett Self, new graphic artist for BC9 Productions, we are excited to have Barrett on board and looking forward to future collaborations, look him up, he is a great, intuitive designer.