Drum and Basscast volume 7

Drum and Basscast volume 7 mixed by Marcus Tee
Marcus Tee
The number 7 symbolizes "togetherness". It is also recognized as the luckiest number in the West, and is one of the rare numbers that is great in both Chinese and many Western cultures.It is extremely lucky for me as i have been gifted with some incredible music for the seventh edition of my Drum and Basscast series. Maximum respect,as always,goes out to the artists pushing the scene forward & the labels and dj's supporting them. Peace out, Tee :)

01: 2nd Page - Beta 2 ft.Steo
02: Transcendance - Glen E Ston & Flaco
03: Someone I Knew - Remood
04: Ode To Isis - Section
05: Wake Up - Platform ft.Lu Angel
06: Talkin' About Ghetto - MsDoS

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