Mistanoize Presents Amendment Live LTD #010 – NC17 In The Mix

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Hailing from Toronto, Canada NC17 steps up to the decks bringing an absolutely firing mix as we hit #010 in the series

Tear out business believe!


State of Mind – You Wanna Know (SOM DUB)
Stealth – Homage (Program)
::Late Night V.I.P
NC-17 & The Voss – Pull Up (Mainframe Dub)
Phace & Misanthrope – Phace & Misanthrope (Dub)
C4C – Moongerm “Treo RMX” (C4C Dub)
::Side Effects
NC-17,Legion & Logam – Trippin (Playaz Dub)
::Killers Don’t Die
Mampi Swift – Higher (Charge Dub)
::Hard Going
NC-17 & KC – Arboria (Eat Brain)
Smooth – Drone (Viper)
NC-17 & SoulCulture – Gutterville (Playaz)
NC-17,Legion & Logam – The gate (??????)
NC-17 & Soulculture Ft KC – Contamination (??????)
NC-17 – Lazerot (36 Hertz)
::Spartan law
NC-17,Legom & Fade – Living in Fear (?????)
::Black Dragon
NC-17,Legion & Logam – Deep Rising (????)
NC-17 – Attitude V.I.P (Renegade Hardware)
::Wots My Code
Brockie – Represent RMX (Undiluted Dub)
::Jog On
Voltage – Warp 10 VIP (Dub)
::Hush Hush
NC-17 – Crawlers (Mainframe Dub)
Ed Rush & Optical – Cutslow “Mr.Explicit VIP” (Dub)
::Mo Fiya
John B – Up All Night RMX (MetalHeadz)
::Elm Street
Randall – Time is the Fire “Total Science RMX” (Mac II Dub)
Dillinja – Time Out (Timeless)
Slipmat – Breaking “Soulculture Dub” (Dub)
NC-17 & AK-1200 – Summer Funk (V Recordings)
::Shake Your Body
NC-17 & KC – Slimeville (Symmetry Recordings)
Mampi Swift – Trippin RMX (Charge Dub)
::Game OVer
????? – ???? (Dub)
Saxxon – Red Dwarf VIP (Dub)
::Steppin Stones
::I Need You RMX
NC-17,KC & The Voss – Parasite (Grindhou5e Dub)
::Alien Girl
NC-17 & Mr.Explicit – Class of 1999 (Grindhou5e)
::Use Your Brain
NC-17 & Soulculture – War Master (Viper)
Fierce & Optiv – Surface Noise (Qurantine)
Jade – Hell Hound (1210 Recordings)
Break – Soldiers (Life Recordings)
Liminal – Hot 4 You (Cymbalism Dub)
Optical – Shape the Future RMX (Metalheadz)
::The Nine
Voltage – Rollers Express (Grindhou5e Dub)
NC-17 & Soulculture – What You Gonna Do (Formation)
::Franky Mountain
Prototypes – Bounce (Viper)
Corrupt Souls – Dropzone (Moving Shadow)
Voltage – Big Tingz Agwan (Grindhou5e Dub)
Kemal & Rob Date – Gene Sequence
NC-17 & Nusense – Inferno (36 Hertz)
Konflict – Bekoning “Usual Suspects RMX” (Hardware)
NC-17 – Slug Path “Smooth RMX” (Grindhou5e)
::Smash TV
**Fade Out**
Sinthetix – Gateway (No Uturn)

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