SKP & VALI NME & OENDER NME @ Parallax 1Berlin

parallax_berlinThe third part of the Parallax recordings of 25th January 2014. Here special guest Önder NME Click joins in and adds some classic material to the session. No need to mention the whole night was strictly vinyl, two turntables, a mixer and a lonely red light blinking from time to time. What made it so special was the crowd: Around 80 Oldskool lovers from all over Germany letting loose to the sounds of Hardcore and Jungle Techno in the heart of Kreuzberg. So a special `Thank You´ to everyone that attended and I really hope you will be part when we return this autumn.

Please note this is a live recording and this happens to be already around 03 am onwards and we had no proper monitoring. The one or the other mix is a bit out there, but this just reflects the pure vibes of the night, everyone was havin it – from the bar tenders to the dancers to the DJs, the whole place was going off ->Hence the many rewinds :-D
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