Plat Num Night Crawler

New release – BC#9 – Plat-Numb-Night-Crawler

Plat Num Night Crawler
Plat Num Night Crawler

– BC#9 – Plat-Numb-Night-Crawler

BC#9 Track Summary –

I am thee Plat Numb Night Crawler . When its past midnight and the November moon is shining its light across the hood of my black coup I drive through the city tunnel, across the industrial bridge to the winding roads of the country . Like a creature that prowls close to the ground, my machines breath fogs on the windshield in front of me eyes. I feel the urban beat under my feet. decaying , distorted patterns grinding as i lower my seat. I become one with my whip, shifting, drifting as the metal turns to flesh. A blanket of illuminated fog covers the globe as far as the eye can see. The air is totally still under the fog as i drive on.I am now in an altered state where my senses are awakened and tuned into another world , i have now entered once again. I downshift as I approach devils bend and I hear Plat Numb Night Crawler” come on my autos system. Dopamine and gasoline fuel this haunting driving experience. The fog now bleeds blue moonlight through the cracks above, illuminating my path as I continue down…169bpm. of pure drum&bass. This is by far my personal favorite from the album Aquasonica. its a true display of my love of and jungle. Taking it back to the roots of the original sound i heard coming out of the bush from zimbabwe africa in the late 90’s. I just love the state of ambiance it creats whlie listening to this track. Plat Numb Crawler has such a visual aspect to it that its just craving to have an original video.

Drum and Basslines Review –

A subtle and deep liquid track which takes you on a journey from start to end. Could almost imagine yourself lazing in a park watching the clouds passing overhead. Just pure chilled magic!

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