Gridlok and MC Dino LIVE @ Timeless

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gridlok_timeless_mixAll the time i listened to this mix i had the desire to be on a drum n bass party right now, instead of working on some stuff at the desk. This is really one of the best mixes i heared in ages, real dnb, full energy, almost 2 hours of it. Gridlok always have that “back in the days feeling” just with fresh sounds.

Recorded live and direct on August 2, 2014 at the Medusa Lounge in Los Angeles, CA.
Gridlok describes it with these words:

“This mix captures the energy of my live sets with all the chaos and risk-taking that comes with it. In just under 2 hours you’ll hear a wide scope of drum & bass sounds from the past and the future. STRAP IN WITH US for the JOURNEY!!!!”

No Tracklist provided

Recorded by Joseph Gasperich
Mixed by Ryan Powell
Mastered by Ryan Powell

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