Mistanoize – Violence Recordings History Mix

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violence_recordingsMistanoize is back again with another bit of history.

Violence Recordings!

Record Label started by DJ Hive in 2002

In his opinion this was and always will be the best Drum&Bass label that came out of the United States.
Every single release was huge, including tracks from himself, Keaton, Gridlok, klute, Calyx & Teebee, Echo, Dom&Roland, total science, the upbeats, spirt — This Mix showcases the labels growth from the start till the last release in 2008.

Set his name and record label in stone within Drum&Bass worldwide, and held the flag as being one of the main D&B pioneers within the USA.


Cujo — Hive & Juju
No Trust –Klute & John Tejada
Surreal Killer (Klute Remix) — Hive
Aggressor — Gridlok
Death Threat — Keaton & Hive
Out Of Time — Echo
Neo — Hive
AC-DC — Hive & Gridlok
Heatwave — Gridlok
Under Pressure — Keaton & Hive
Tricks — Gridlok
Rock Lock — Echo
Vampire — Gridlok
Bring It On — Keaton & Hive
Out Of Time – Calyx Remix — Echo
Standing Room Only – Hive & Gridlok, D-Bridge, Silent Witness & Break
Violent Sound — Hive, Keaton, Echo, Gridlok
Hard As Fuck — Gridlok
Welcome To Violence — Hive & Gridlok
Dead Planet — Hive & Gridlok
California Schemin — Hive, Keaton & Gridlok
The Definition — Hive
The Wretched — The Upbeats
Scanner — Spirit
Lost Chapters — Phobia
Nothing Sacred — Hive & The Upbeats
Future Slip — Hivedomrymelok
Salvation — Calyx & Teebee & Hive
Neo Remix – Hive
Come To Conquer — Dom & Roland
S.O.S — Total Science
Control — Gridlok
Unearthed — Hive, Keaton, Echo & Gridlok
B.U.R.N.Y — tal
Jam Session — Hive & Gridlok
Exit Violence Hive, Keaton, Echo & Gridlok

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