Source Direct – FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

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source_direct_fabric_liveIt’s a classic understatement to open an introduction such as this by saying that @Source_Direct‘s music means a lot of things to a lot of different people. But it’s true. Having surpassed seminal reputation years ago now, the duo are consistently name-checked by artists in and outside of drum & bass as real inspirations. Theirs was a very poignant kind of drama when it emerged; a playfully experimental formula that’s just lasted and lasted. To this day some of their earliest music still sounds futurebound, like it could fully still be out there somewhere, treading an avenue that people are still fully scared to properly explore or embrace.

One half of Source Direct, Jim Baker, is now back and regularly DJing again and ahead of appearing here in Room One on Friday as part of S.P.Y’s Back to Basics party, we’re overjoyed to be able to host this exclusive mixtape from Baker himself. As you can imagine, for fanboys like us, this is quite the coup and as such it comes partnered with a gloriously in depth interview over on The Quietus, which he highly recommend you go and read once you’ve pressed play on the soundcloud player below. In it Baker reveals his plans for new music whilst talking about the early days and the fractures that lead to the duo’s eventual split.

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