Noisia – Purpose EP

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Noisia_purpose_epYou open your inbox and you see a new Noisia track. To hear it, all you have to do is press the play button. What do you do? If your answer is “press that button”, you’ve missed out an important safety step, friend. Get yourself some protection first, because the ceiling is about to fall in. Darker than tarmac, more twisted than Hannibal; broken and beaten beyond belief, when Noisia are good, they’re fantastic, and this EP shows exactly how good they can be. “Purpose” blends insanity with precision, “Running Blind” is equally epic and mindblowing, and “Asteroids” features Prolix for a classic neuro shakedown. Another surprising guest appearance is made by Evol Intent, tuning in for something as delicate and melancholy as these guys get in “Long Gone”. A behemoth of an EP from the best in the game.


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