ATTENTION ALL DJS – Dont get your mixes blocked or removed

Weve come across a new site which was along the lines of something we started thinking about here at Drum and Basslines a few years ago now.

As DJs ourselves we started spotting originally on Youtube, and then that there were occasions where mixes made by us were being removed due to . At first this was just seen as slightly annoying, but the phenomenon has steadily and more consistently affected DJs worldwide!!!

Anyway Morgan Crozier has gone the big step forward and designed and built a DJ BIBLE as far as im concerned to help DJs everywhere have their mixes uploaded safe in the knowledge that the artists they are trying to promote are not on the BLOCK LIST !!!

The site is called

(great name I think!!) and has search options to narrow down the artists who dont want you to promote them (or indeed why would you buy a track when they dont want you to play it!!!).

It also has the ability for you to submit artists which have got you (Youtube very helpfully tells you) so you can add them to this ever-growing list!

This site (along with others probably) is making big moves to help not only DJs, but also regular music fans worldwide aware of their selfishness.

There is however a GOOD side to this…. what this means is that those producers out there, maybe not so famous currently, have an ever increasing audience for their music! You here your favourite DJ in a club playing what may have been a small release in the past and at the back of a DJs playlist now gets the airtime it deserves! Time for the up-and-coming producers to become established !!

Here is an extract of the About us page with more information :

This website was created to help musicians avoid unintentional copyright infringement.
The list of artists whose work is under some pretty tight reigns is larger than I even imagined.

So far, the list contains 2899 Musicians who you are not legally allowed to sample, or remix at the risk of a DMCA takedown notice, or worse.
The individual label websites are numerous, and would rarely contain a single list of their roster for reference.

DontSample.Me is the most cohesive list of musicians that are signed to major labels who are known to take action against people using their work, even if they’re in the right.
I believe this can be avoided and even removed entirely as a problem (one which i’ve had filling up my various feeds and blogs for months).

Independent musicians can stay out of trouble simply by avoiding improper use of any work associated with this list of artists.

This will empower a new generation of creativity and independent artists that isn’t constantly feeding the pockets of people who don’t care about you.

If you see any errors, improvements, or want to get involved, please email me, this is a personal project right now and can only grow as much as I can give it time.

Thanks for reading and helping out,

Morgan Crozier