Hal (2001 Space Odyssey)

Drum and Bass mix by Keith Tiscali
Keith Tiscali
The name of the mix refers to the movie clip that is used in this mix. And this is a full on mix starting with track that samples Led Zepplin but has a few quieter moment when the soundscapes kick in. Many standout tracks, the 2 from Loadstar, Alexus and Rene Lavice for starters, some authentic jungle from Bladerunner, and the closing track, played in it's entirity, all 13 minutes.

Alexus - The Drummer
Bladerunner - Studio (dub)
Harry Shotta Show - Grey Goose Gang (Original Mix)
June Miller - From Autumn To Ashes
Grifta - Extinct
Loadstar - Refuse To Love

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