Ganja Time

Drum and Bass mix by Keith Tiscali
Keith Tiscali
Another experimental mix with tracks from the compilation "The Back To The Jungle" mixed with tracks from "X-treme Drum and Bass 2014" with a splattering of other equally off the wall tracks, so this is not one for the purist of Liquid D n B but if you are open it's a hell of ride with humour, and spot the percussion sample that is throughout the mix. I put this together in the midst of a deep depression and at time the darkness comes through. This mix is dedicated to DJ-F

Xenofish - Sanctus
Ricky Force - Ninjaman
Klip & Outlaw feat. Fatman D - Leave It Alone (Original Mix)
Kartoon - Madman Riddim (VIP)
Daffy - Bottle Shape
Sub - I.D.

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