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Track/Mix Promotion Special Offer

Track/Mix Special Offer

We want you to submit your music to Drum and Basslines website. Got a or mix you want on DnBLines Radio or DnBTV tv channel as well as promotion on Twitter and Facebook?

For only £10 you can get the following for 1 month :

1) Radio play for MP3s on DnBLines Radio (Main and Genre channels) or DnBTV for video files.
2) Prime slots at 18.00, 19.00, and 20.00 (uk time) for your release or mix (max 1 hour file).
3) Website article to help you promote your release.
4) Twitter and Facebook promotion of your track/mix every time it is played on our prime slots.
5) Permanent inclusion of your track on the station playlist (not available for mixes… yet…).
6) Article featured on Drum and Basslines, and regularly shared to Twitter and Facebook to extend the social reach.
7) Regular customised Twitter post you decide with your keywords / hashtags for your release

Take advantage of this special offer to promote your release to a worldwide audience. For a release this can help your sales, for a mix then with summer coming it could get you that international gig you are wanting to perform at!



Please Enter your email address so we can contact you and get any other information from you regarding this offer. You can also contact us on contact@drumandbasslines.com