The Liquid Tones Podcast with Tim Cant & ParaDigm [Episode 3]

Drum and Bass mix by Liquid Tones
Tim Cant [nid:30812] & ParaDigm
EPISODE III Tune into the Liquid Tone Podcast as Tim Cant & ParaDigm continue to lay down an array to Liquid beats to an underlying theme of debauchery & bad jokes. This month's episode includes tracks from Thesis, Malaky, BrokenDrum & Anile amongst others. Elsewhere, Simon struggles to come to with Tim's relationship with animals whilst the guys take time out to discuss the abnormal length of there CVs.


DJ Trax - 89 to Infinity (Tempo)
Cloud 9 - Got Me Burning Up (Madcap remix) (Phuzion)
System X - Say It (Turnz Bootleg)
Nookie - Celebrate Life (SoulStructure remix) (Phuzion)

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