The Liquid Tones Podcast with Tim Cant & ParaDigm [Episode 2]

Drum and Bass mix by Liquid Tones
Tim Cant [nid:30812] & ParaDigm
Episode 2 sees Tim Cant & ParaDigm continue to lay down an array to Liquid beats to an underlying theme of debauchery & bad jokes. This month’s show includes tracks from the likes of Level 2, Champion, Indivision, Logistics, Salaryman & an exclusive from SoulStructure, Blade & Kyro! We also travel back in time with Uncle Timmy to the magical year of 1994, Simon continues to struggle reading out those shout outs & the scandalous truth about the guys involvement with charity work is revealed!

DJ Rap – Spiritual Aura (Bladerunner & Saxxon remix)
Tim Cant – Apache Trip VIP (Luv Disaster)
Soulstructure, Blade & Kyro – Up (dub)
Thesis – Activated (Soul Deep)
BrokenDrum – Rush (Soul Deep)

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