REABO Whatever May Come

Forthcoming Release – Reabo – Whatever May Come – 27th April 2014

REABO Whatever May Come

Whatever May Come

REABO ‘Whatever May Come’
– Single Release –
RELEASE DATE: 27th April 2014

Something of a crossover track of , Rock, Metal and Rap as well all combined into one for this release. But weve had a listen and it gets a BIG thumbs up from Drum and Basslines so we thought we would share it with you all. You can catch the full video on DnBTV HERE and theres a link to their Youtube Page as well further down.

Anyway heres the official Press Release :

REABO are a ‘Supergroup’ of well known names from the colliding worlds of Rock, Dubstep, Metal and Grime who have combined to produce a single which will quite simply – blow your head off!

REABO consist of Ol former guitarist in Evile, XFM presenter and bassist of indie rock band Losers Eddy Temple-Morris, notorious bass music artist Rednek, Skindred drummer Arya and grime artist Beaupierre.

It’s certainly no ordinary supergroup or back story! With the help of Jägermeister and their ‘It Runs Deep’ campaign which celebrates friendships which are deep and meaningful, the collective of musical friends were booked into a recording studio and left to their own devises for 12 hours to see quite simply what would happen.

The result is ‘Whatever May Come’ which tears up the rule book and spits it back out with such ferocity and explosive energy that even the most hardened mosher and shape thrower will unite on the dancefloor.

This lethal concoction of talents and personalities are so happy with track, they have decided to officially release ‘Whatever May Come’ through Bad Boy Records on the 27th April 2014 backed with Stenchman & 245 remixes (pre-order on iTunes HERE and a Music Video directed by Stuart Birchall & producer by Matt Jarman (You know Ltd) which is as heavy weight as the track!


Check it out and let us know what you think !!