Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot / Lights

Forthcoming Release – The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot / Lights

Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot / Lights
– Pale Blue Dot / Lights

Forthcoming Release –  – Pale Blue Dot/Lights (Viper Recordings) – Out 23rd February

Viper Recordings is ready to unleash the first single from one of the most exciting signings of last year – The Prototypes. Making their debut on Futurebound’s Viper Recordings in 2010 with the track, ‘Evolution’, from the inaugural ‘Summer Slammers’ album, Brighton-based producers and DJs, Chris Garvey and Nick White have built up a reputation for putting out instant dancefloor weapons and consistently smashing any and all remixes. After releasing anthems such as ‘Pandora’, ‘Abyss VIP’ and ‘Suffocate’ on Friction’s Audio, the in-form duo now return to the label where they started 4- years ago.

The first two tracks from their highly anticipated City of Gold LP, the otherworldly ‘Pale Blue Dot’ and the anthemic ‘Lights’ are out on the 23rd February and mark an mark an exciting new chapter for both Viper Recordings and The Prototypes.

Heres the preview from Friction Radio 1 Show :


Kicking off with a mysterious, immersive space-themed introduction, ‘Pale Blue Dot’ transports the rave into the far reaches of the universe. Building up the anticipation with rising synths, ‘Pale Blue Dot’ transforms into a dancefloor weapon. Crash landing with a stripped back, infectious melody and churning bass, the alien sounds of ‘Pale Blue Dot’ are sure to get the rave moving.


The flipside sees The Prototypes shoot for a different vibe. Built around a strong, progressive melody and euphoric synths, the anthemic ‘Lights’ packs in melody with pure energy. Underneath its iconic synth line, swirling, deep bass and hard drums combine to produce a track that will ignite the dancefloor – but also get hands in the air.

We havent got the Buy link for the release yet (as its not quite out) but you can check out more of the Prototypes releases HERE

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