Forthcoming Release – Aftermath EP – Nian Dub – NB Audio – Due out on 16th December 2013

– Nian Dub – – Due out on 16th December 2013

Debut EP of Manchester duo Nian Dub and it’s coming out on the 16th on NB Audio as the follow up to the last single by Snap Shot ft Chimpo and Tonn Piper. This one features the vocal talents of FOX, famous for his singles on Critical, Soul:R, Tru Thoughts and more.

Manchester label, NB Audio, finish up their year with their fourth release. Production duo Nian Dub see their debut EP entitled finally hitting the stores. Featuring Fox, Fan Tasker and Kuntri Ranks this is an EP, which shows a lot of promise for the two brothers.

We havent got any artwork or preview of the audio for you yet but will post up here when we do very soon !!! In the mean time you can check out more releases from NB Audio HERE

Put it in your diary this comes out on 16th December 2013 !!! Ideal christmas present for any DJ !