Program – Bladerunner – Q&A

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To coincide with Bladerunners debut Program release Late Night Caller / Fusion, we asked him a few questions about how he feels about Program, Ram and what he’s got in store in future.

By now Bladerunner is a man who shouldn’t really need an introduction. A scene stalwart for many years and also one of the most prolific remixers in the game, his status is pretty much certified. Bladerunner’s new school, forward thinking take on the classic jungle sound has won him legions of fans from heads to producers alike with tracks such as Back To The Jungle, Feel For You and his massive rework of DJ SS’s classic Black. To coincide with his debut Program release Late Night Caller, we asked him a few questions about how he feels about Program, Ram and what he’s got in store in future.


Program - Bladerunner Q&A

1. You’ve just dropped Late Night Caller / Fusion on Program. How are you feeling being involved in such an exciting new chapter for Ram?

It's been great to be involved with Ram and their new Program label as they're really pushing the type of sound I'm feeling at the moment. D&B/Jungle with a more serious 'techy' side to it, which takes me back to the early days of Ram Trilogy and Moving Fusion that I love.

2. It’s no secret Andy's been a big fan of your output down the years. Was it an easy sell to get a couple of tracks from you?

Yes! I've always wanted to be involved with Ram as it's been one of my favourite labels over the years. It's so encouraging to have Andy playing my music, so when it was time to make a track for Ram I was straight on the case.

3. Both tracks are slightly different to what people may be used to from you. Was that a deliberate thing?

Yes, definitely. I wanted these tracks to show a different side to my production as most people think I just make what is classed as "jungle" these days. I like to cover all the styles. To me it's all jungle/drum and bass with different influences, whether it's dark, liquid or reggae.

4. You're predominantly known for your jungle style of production. Do you feel it's important to keep those old school ethics alive?

Yes, I think it's important to have certain elements of jungle within my music as a lot of the young ravers now don't know the original tracks. I'm trying to keep with the old techniques of jungle but using new sounds and processing to keep it fresh. It's not something I think about when I'm making a track; it just comes out that way. Most of my inspiration comes from my early raving days in 94' so naturally it has to come out in my productions.

5. What does Ram as a label mean to you?

Ram has been one of my favourite labels I've followed since I got into jungle with tracks like 'Valley of the Shadows and Roll On, right up to Ram Trilogy's Titan. I witnessed how they were the first label to transform jungle into something more polished and 'hi fi' sounding, with heavily compressed amens and tight breaks layered together with resonant sweeping basses we all hear today. The start of the transformation for me began with the Speed of Sound and Molten Beats LPs. They were very ground breaking sounds for me at the time.

6. If you could remix one of the Ram Records back catalogue what would it be and why?

Andy C - Roll On. This has to be one of my all-time favourites. It's one of those tracks that you can really feel the emotion in the pads and vocal. I've never heard anything like it since and will never get bored of listening to it.

7. Keeping it on a remix tip if you could have anyone remix one of your tunes, who would you go for?

It would have to be the Ram Trilogy on something like Feel for You or Spartan Law. That would be epic!

8. Any plans to work with Program again?

Yes. There will be more to come from me in the future on Program, I'm always working away on fresh material so I'm sure there will be another roller coming very soon.

9. Who are you looking forward to hearing from musically this year?

It's an exciting time at the moment with so many good new artists coming through. Mr Explicit and Saxxon are my big two to watch at the moment.

10. Tell us a RAMdom (random) fact about you or a random fact you think we should know.

I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts!

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