Heads will Roll EP – Violation Music

VIO001 - Heads will Roll EP
VIO001 – Heads will Roll EP

Heads Will Roll EP
Release date: 18th Jan 2013
Doc Scott “Excellent”
Syncopix “Great soundtrack!!!”
A-Sides “Union is the one for me”
Heads will truly roll with this from . Violation are a UK-based label who have the confidence in their product to let the music do the talking. And you’ll understand why when you reach inside the Heads Will Roll EP.
Don’t get it twisted, this one is not for the faint of heart. Four dynamic, devastating tracks make up the release, from Dark Entity feat. Sour, Warmachine and 539 Limited. Each offers scintillating musicianship paired with pounding and intimate vibes. Proceedings are begun with 539 Limited’s millennial End Of Time. The young drum & bass/dubstep/beyond producer has had releases on Basswave and Terabytes, but this is surely his best work to date. Light and airy synths lie underneath documentary commentary telling of Mayan secret calendars. The drop might make you feel like it’s the end of the world, but 539’s control and touch will make sure that the music saves you. The bass rolls along nicely under some sharp flicks and the odd old skool sample or two.
DJ support: Doc Scott, Syncopix, A-Sides, Mufler, Treo, Ulterior Motive, Hyroglifics, Bass Tikal, Danny Wheeler, Target, Stunna, Stanza, Trex and Bassdrive Radio!
The second cut is the altogether different Union, by Dark Entity, featuring Sour. Opening as a roller, this one soon drops down a level, to morph into a growling, ghastly bass monster. The depth here is immediately apparent, but will only come into its own on a loud, loud soundsystem. Absolute quality. Violation followers will be looking forward to this EP, but it also offers a lot for the new listener. Warmachine’s two tracks draw you in, but ask and answer different questions through their beats and breaks. Snitches Get Stiches rolls around some glitchy blips and bleeps, establishing a slightly off –kilter and unnerving pattern. The Hunted, on the other hand, pares things down a little, with yawing effects and a rumbling bassline. The drums are reedy and fluttering, but utterly effective.
You are sure to succumb to the Heads Will Roll EP. Prepare for the Violation!
1. 539 Limited – End Of Time 2. Dark Entity ft Sour – Union
3. Warmachine – Snitches Get Stitches 4. WarMachine – The Hunted