Interview – Blackhill Production

Basic details :

Names : Production
Home Town : London
Website :

Top 5 tunes of the moment :
1 –Prolix – On like that
2 –9 lazy 9 – Pound stretcher
3 –Kill the noize – Kill the noise pt 1
4 –Feed me – Pink lady
5 –Calix&teebee – Hurting

Top 5 producers of the moment :
1 –Enei
2 – Prolix
3 – Xilent
4 – 9 lazy 9
5 – Kill the noise

KRISISDnB : Thanks for being interviewed for the KRISISDnB.COM website. Firstly can you give us a brief background to how you got into ?

:I grew up in France and at this time in around 2003 there wasn’t so much dnb playing in clubs and it wasn’t really popular either, so the only way to listen that music was illegal rave or house parties.

The first drum and bass track I heard  was“ring the alarm “by “Congo Natty” and also “ corrupt cop” by “Pish Posh” ,and after that for maybe 2 years I couldn’t find any track of this kind. One Sunday I was listening a radio called “L’Eko des garrigues” in Montpellier  and they dropped a sick mix of “Le Lutin”, that was when I became more familiar with the jungle and drum and bass movement.


KRISISDnB : What other types of music do you listen to?

BLACKHILL PRODUCTION: Dub, reggae , electro ,dnb of course, dubstep ,hip hop ,rock, also black metal ,African music for the main

KRISISDnB : What are your targets for the next year or 2?

BLACKHILL PRODUCTION : We would like to develop the sound from the label and try to have our own identity, and keep doing collabs with different types of artist .

KRISISDnB : As usual in our interviews we like to make ours a bit different from other interviews you may have done, so here is the 10second round..

KRISISDnB : Vinyl or mp3?


KRISISDnB : Online record shop or local record shop?

BLACKHILL PRODUCTION: Online shop but you can always find the best stuff in small local shop

KRISISDnB : Promo or Picture disc??


KRISISDnB :Mixmag or Kmag?


KRISISDnB : What have been your biggest achievements so far?

BLACKHILL PRODUCTION : We dont think we have done anything big yet , time will tell..we ll see..

KRISISDnB : Anything you want to mention that we haven’t covered already? Any shout outs etc?

BLACKHILL PRODUCTION: Thx for all the people who support us

KRISISDnB : Thanks for being interviewed for the site.

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