DUBturbo Review

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Dub Turbo Review

If you have thought about making music online then all you need to do is search on the Internet about it and you’ll get lots of information on ways to compose rap beats. However, the problem arises when you realize that in order to do so and create some nice sounding beats you’ll need lots of equipment which are quite expensive, for example, a recording studio.

Moreover, the knowledge required for you to be able to make your own music can be very extensive which can leave you baffled.

But, don’t worry as I have some great news for you!

There is a perfect solution for both professionals and beginners alike if you’re looking forward to getting started with making rap beats.

The solution is a software package known as “Dub Turbo”. It is basically the same as DAW i.e. Digital Audio Workstation on your computer.

It consists of all the things you require to produce your own rap beats or hip hop music and the best part is that you can also create different styles as per your choice. Moreover, if you wish you can even start making dance music.

You also have the option of selecting from thousands of diverse samples and putting them together, even adding embellishments to the music like special effects –reverb, fade outs, etc.

Also the program has a keyboard which is fully functional and allows you to make an incredible piano backing music as well.

Dub Turbo allows an absolute beginner to start making some really cool rap music on his own, or if you think about it any kind of music you want. This is perhaps the best feature of  Dub Turbo.

This software package is updated every month with latest beats to choose from and therefore your musical creations never sound stale.

Once you have completed your masterpiece you can burn it on a CD and carry it with you to listen in your car or show to your friends!

So explore DUBturbo now and start making some awesome music right away!

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