Interview : Melody and the Boytoys

Melody & The Boytoys
Melody & The exclusive with Melody and the Boytoys

Basic details :

Names : Melody
Record Label : none at present
Home Town : richmond
Website :

Top 5 tunes of the moment :
1 – Solange- Losing You
2 – Muse- Madness
3 – Florence and the Machine- Call my Name
4 – Oggie- Wishin’ (Up Tempo Records)
5 – Avicci- Levels

Top 5 producers of the moment :
1 – Paul Epworth
2 – Dj Sweetleaf
3 – Max Martin
4 – Strangelet
5 – Daft Punk with Nile Rogers

E-WIRE : Thanks for being interviewed for the E-WIRE.COM website. Firstly can you give us a brief background to how you got into ?

MELODY : After studying music at Westminster I have been involved in the dance scene for a few years releasing and distrubuting house and garage records myself (Boytoy) on vinyl, going to ibiza and performing on pirate radio stations.This eventually led to my song ‘Love 1 Day’ being liscened to dance Label Axis Trax and forming a band as I wanted to perform garage and house/pop music live! To cut a long story short I performed my own material at various music venues in London including Ronnie scotts, The Brickhouse, Westbourne Studios and Embassy aswell as runnning my own music nights and booking bands and Dj’s whilst still recording and writing. I also supported D-REam at The Garage this year with a live dance set and MItch Winhouse at Floridita with a more jazz sound.My producer that im currently working with Strangelet suggested I do a re-make of the classic Tainted Love and we recording a pop/dubstep version and realised its potentiall I got House remixes from Shockz aka Dj Atomic (who has remixed the Saturdays, Michael Grey,Rita Ora etc,)Garage from Garage producer DJ Shy Cookie (who has produced MC Luck and MC Neat ) and finally DJ Sweetleaf who gave me the drum and bass remix.

E-WIRE : Can you tell us about the drum and bass remix by Dj Sweetleaf.

MELODY : I met Dj Sweetleaf as a deputy drummer for my band for a gig supporting D-Ream at The Garage this year, and he played for me.
He is an accomplished musician and sound engineer who also plays drums,harmonica and bass and has been creating drum music since he was 14 years old.For the last 4 years has he been hosting a successfull internet drum and bass radio show called ‘The LFO Sessions’ on and he offered to remix Tainted Love with a dubstep and drum & bass mix.

E-WIRE : What other types of music do you listen to?

MELODY : I listen to everything and anything. I am not a snob but generally its all genres of dance music especially House, Garage and 70’s 80’s music.

E-WIRE : What are your targets for the next year or 2?

MELODY : I want to establish myself as a songwriter for mainstream artists- and Im curerntly writing and recording songs in the studio for publishers.

E-WIRE : As usual in our interviews we like to make ours a bit different from other interviews you may have done, so here is the 10second round..


E-WIRE : Vinyl or mp3?

MELODY : Vinyl

E-WIRE : Online record shop or local record shop?

MELODY :l Charity shops for vintage vinyl!

E-WIRE : Promo or Picture disc??

MELODY :picture

E-WIRE : Mixmag or Kmag?

MELODY : neither, id rather read Private Eye

E-WIRE : What have been your biggest achievements so far?

MELODY : Never really compromising and having tenacity in this shitty business

E-WIRE : Anything you want to mention that we havent covered already? Any shout outs etc?

MELODY : Thanks to everyone who takes time to listen to my music!

E-WIRE : Thanks for being interviewed for the site.

You can contact Melody on the following links :