State of Mind : Next Level 12 Vaults Special

Latest Next Level 12 podcast by State of Mind. This one showcasing nothing but their own tracks, past and present.

Taken from Soundcloud

A very special Next Level. Nothing but State of Mind tracks – as demanded by you guys on Facebook and Twitter. Many of these are unreleased tracks (for whatever reason), others are alternate versions of tracks. Some are very old, others are quite new. Normal Next Level will resume at NL 13.

SOM – Flashpoint/ McCoy Mashup (Dub)
SOM – Fear is the Mindslicer (Dub)
SOM – Night tide (Dub)
SOM – Mariana (Dub)
SOM – Journeyman (Dub)
SOM – Nerd Funk (With the Upbeats) (Dub)
SOM – Whirlpool (Dub)
SOM – Sleepcreep (SOM Music)
SOM – Azwell (Dub)
BSE – Stasis SOM Rmx (Dub)
SOM – Here we go (with Jade) (Eatbrain Recordings)
SOM – Arko (with Chris SU & Jade) (Dub)
SOM – Roxy (with Nymfo) (Commercial Suicide)
SOM – In Plain Sight (SOM Music)
SOM – Dirt (with Trei) (SOM Music)
SOM – Virgin Dub (Horizons)
SOM – Untitled (with BSE) (Dub)
SOM – Quasars (SOM Music)
SOM – True Stories (with Trei) (Samurai Music)
SOM – Spacesurfer (SOM Music)
SOM – Division Ten (SOM Music)

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