Free Download : Dan Miracle – Judgment Day (The Final Chapter Mix)

More free downloads from Dan Miracle. This one reminds of the Hardware sound from 2001 time. Unfortunately this is the last of the free downloads from Dan Miracles archive.

Taken from Soundcloud

“Dan Miracle – Judgment Day (The Final Chapter Mix)”

The FINAL download from my archives is another remix of the very first free Dan Miracle MP3 (Judgment Day).

Also recorded in 2006, this remix stayed closer to the original, adding more natural sounding acoustic drums, retaining the original stab bass pattern and upping the intensity all the same!

DJ support from Dylan, Kryptic Minds, DJ Bailey, DJ Hype, Khanage, Manifest and many more!

Fitting as both the final chapter to this tune and to my free downloads, it is now time for me to FINALLY move on an make some new material!

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‘…So shall it be in the end’

Released by: Dan Miracle Music
Release date: Mar 20, 2012

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