Shimah : Exclusive Interview & Mix

Here’s something a little special for the DnB Beat Blog readers! Ahead of his DJ set for Playaz Carnival Special at Fabric we’ve got an exclusive interview and mix from Shimah.

Interview with a Bat aka Shimah

For those who might not have heard of you; please can you give a short introduction to the DnB Beat Blog massive?

I’m a DJ / producer from a little place near Hull up North. I’ve been playing music since I was about 6. I’m a resident DJ on the biggest night in Hull – Shinobi DnB.

How long have you been producing music for?

I started learning about production at college in about 2002. Just the basics. But started making tunes in about 2004 / 5. Like all producers I’m still learning. I’m quite impatient when it comes to making music. I need to get the ideas out of my head as quickly as possible, sometimes they work sometimes they don’t.

What do you use to make your tunes and where do your influences come from?

I recently changed my setup to a MacBook Pro, running Reason 6.5. Some of my older tunes were made on Reason and an ancient version of Logic. And I intend to run Reason & Logic again in the near future, when I have time to re-learn Logic.

I’m influenced by all sorts of things, all types of music. I co-ran a tech-house night in my home town for about 6 / 7 years in total, so I’ve taken a big influence from the house / techno scene, I’ve played guitar, bass & drums in rock & metal bands before, massively into my dub / reggae at the minute, I was brought up hearing classical music, so I’m open to anything really, when I comes to music. Even some chart cheese can capture my attention if its a well written song or produced well. Doesn’t mean I like it though.

How did you get onto ?

Having had some tunes released through Hazards label Radius / R-Sound back in 2006/7. I used to send him all sort of bits id been working on. Hazard was good enough to pass some beats onto Hype, and it went from there…..

Up until now what would you say would be the highlight of your career?

There have been quite a lot really, with djing, playing with some of the biggest DJs in the DNB scene at Shinobi has been a amazing. DJing in Poland with Friction & J Majik was a particular highlight. Then being booked to play the Playaz Carnival Special @ Fabric is probably the biggest achievement I can think of. Its such a big line up so I’m just happy to be part of it.

With producing, of course having my music released on a label such as Playaz had been a massive achievement for me.

Do you have any funny or interesting stories to tell us while you have been in the music scene?

Haha. Many, but if I want to keep having music released and be part of the scene, I’ll have to keep them to myself for now. Too many crazy nights at and after Shinobi in Hull, amongst others.

I’ve noticed a theme with a couple of your track titles such as Origin Of The Cave and Shadow Of The Bat, what’s the story there?

Well, my studio is know as the Batcave, people who know me know why, but to tell you… it would ruin the mystery of the Bat.

Would you ever work with another DJ or producer and who would it be?

I’ve not really worked with anyone before, but I’ve just started on some exciting new projects thats are collaborations with some local talent, and I have plans to jump in the studio with a couple of people soon too, so look out for some things coming in the future.

Producers like Break, Octane & DLR, Prolix, Vicious Circle, Gridlok are all making some amazing music right now so doing things with them would be something special for me.

You’re playing at Fabric for the Playaz Carnival Special, is there anywhere else you would like to play?

Anywhere, everywhere, haha, DJing was my first passion before I got into producing and I guess it still is. Especially with todays equipment, the possibilities are endless. My setup consists of my Mac – Serato & a custom made iPad app, which is opening up some really creative new aspects to my DJ sets.

What sort of things can we expect to hear from you in the future?

I’ve got another release scheduled to Come on Playaz later this year I think. I’m currently working on some new bits, across the board really. I’ve just been trying to develop my sound, in as natural way as possible, without forcing anything, but I’ve got some pretty exciting new tunes to test out. I’ve got these collaborations to come too which are something different for me. It’s great to have someone else’s perspective on making music and a fresh set of ears.

Exclusive Mix


Shimah – Swordfish
>>> Subzero – Brighter Days
Enei, DRS – Count To Ten
Vicious Circle – Emma’s Dilemma
Basher – Devotion
Shimah – Origin Of The Cave
Vicious Circle – Instinct
Shimah – Shadow Of The Bat
Prolix feat. MC Coppa – Interlace
Octane DLR feat. Break – Murmur
Dose – Hardwire
Bad Education – Urchin
Shimah – Electrostep

Don’t forget Shimah’s Origin Of The Cave (part of the Flavours EP Vol 3) is now available to buy from all good digital download stores. 

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