jake jump

Charity Fundraiser – Danielle Fray – Southampton, UK

jake jump
jake jump

My name is Danielle Fray.

Im a resident of Southampton and im doing a skydive at the tail end of July his year. I was wondering if you’d be interested in spreading the word for me

Jake is ten months old and has been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, this affects mostly the lungs but also the liver, pancreas and intestines. There are various symptoms but Jake specifically suffers from respitory problems (unable to disperse the phlem-like discharge in his lungs) and going to the the toilet is incredibly painful, sometimes stooling blood and heavy, heavy mucus.

His current sleep pattern is very erratic causing his mum, louisa – who has bi polar herself – a lot of sleep deprivation.

Louisa gets a little child care but she has to pay for this and where the childrens father is deceased (Jake has a sister too, Ella) it is an incredible hard slog day in, day out.

Jake is a lovely child and i myself have witnessed his excruciating pain passing stools (He also suffers from Polyps) which takes a lot out of him.

Despite this, he still has a smile on his face and loves people making a fuss of him.

Jake has another assesment on August 24th of this year to confirm the severity of his Condition. Louisa is praying of course the severity will turn out to be managable for Jake (as many many people with CF go on and manage it) and not as we fear will be terminal.

For a more detailed overview of CF click here  – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cystic_fibrosis

Myself? Well, im 39 years old and have known Louisa and Jake for fair while – they being my neighbours. Im transgendered and in my youth i was a bit of a spoilt brat, got into a bad crowd and had a very bad drug habit. I lost everything, including my home and my real friends – and almost all my family.

Being so low in bad place, then waking up to yourself and cleaning your act up,  makes you appreciate life and ive been clean for ten years now, living the way i want to and have a passion to help people who never seem to get a break. I have decided to do a Charity skydive to pay for some care, some extra child minding and perhaps a short break for all of jakes family.

Ideally id like to raise £2000 but, realisticly £1000. we are up to £300 but have stalled a little.

This isnt a registered charity and i appreciate the caution people may have at this, but i am totally open about what comes in and do a regular update when money goes up on the official facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/326080887480488/

My good friend Chrisie Edkins (www.chrisie.net) has very kindly recorded a version of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” to promote the charity jump and will be included in the video of the event – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epUvOGnqi9g&feature=youtu.be

Chrisie is currently on tour all around Europe doing Pride Gigs and was very kind to take time out of her busy schedule to record this for us, so many thanks chick xx

I originally intended to do the jump on the 27th July but with the erratic weather lately and lack of interest in the fundraiser i thought id try and raise a little more before i made a definate date – we are looking at mid august – no later. It will be in salisbury through skydive south coast –



If anyone wants to join me they are most welcome or just turn up on the day that will be very gracious.


But lets not forget who this is for, little Jake. A lovely little boy with so much love and in so much pain.


Thank you for listening.


Dani xxx


any donations to –



Thanks to all who have donated or helped so far, you are all lovely people….

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