Gritty Filth’s – Bruxism EP

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Gritty Filth is an up-and-coming dubstep producer haling from Chicago. Having accumulated a mass of tracks, Low Pass Records found him, and signed his work immediately. The ‘Bruxism EP’ features 3 tracks, ranging from dubstep to electro house, and a little bit everything else in-between. This EP really showcases Gritty Filths’ Infected-Mushroom-esque style of sound, and we look forward to seeing where he can take his style of sound.

Low Pass Records is a label based on the principles of everything bass (Dubstep, DnB, Drumstep, Moombahton, Glitch Hop, etc) trying to represent the underdogs in their respective genre. Most of our releases have broke the Top 50 Releases chart on Beatport, as well as Showka’s EP breaking the Glitch Hop Top 10 and being Featured on

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