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Drum and Basslines Sponsorship Programme

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Here at Drum and Basslines we have had some amazing sponsors of our parties, the best known would probably be Adidas Ukraine who were headline sponsor for Drum and Basslines 4 in Kiev with Doc Scott and Sparxy. But it would be wrong to ignore all the others as well which range across the entertainment and music scenes. Magazines including Kefir, websites including Dnbinua, TopDJ, KrisisDnB, Junglemassive, clothing stores like Depo Jeans, and many more as well.

Now that the Drum and Basslines website is nearing its completion as a news and information portal we have seen the number of visitors to the site multiple by 400% over the last 2 months. Not bad considering we have not had an event since March, and the next one isnt due until later in the year or early part of 2013.

The planning for each of our events takes a few months so now is as good a time as any to add to our sponsors for not only the next party we host, but also the website as well. If you would like to become linked to us, help organise, or become a more visible partner either on our flyers, or on the website then let us know. We will help promote your products in whatever way we can. So whether you are another website focusing on electronic music, a car manufacturer, online mp3 or vinyl shop, gaming or even partypoker gambling site, entertainment portal, or a charity looking for more exposure, then get in touch with us by email at

There are more developments on a wider music portal, even though our core focus as a brand will always be in the electronic music side. Nowadays more than ever peoples desire is to have information at their fingertips or on their mobile devices is huge, so we intend to embrace that and cover a wider audience.