Wizard & Ivory – Bombs & Bass (Volume 2)

Back once again with the bad behavior! And when it comes to Wizard & Ivory has there ever been any other kind? From Brixton to Brisbane, Glastonbury to Fuji Rocks these two combustible characters have been blowing minds and bass bins in equal measure! But fuck all that shit you’ve heard it all before, let’s focus on what’s important, and that’s the bludclaart music! This time around “Bombs and Bass” is a revelation! You tell me in today’s day and age how many credible dance artists can release a live mix cd with over 15 new exclusive bangers when most artists will ride off 2 or 3 tracks for a whole year? There can only be one answer, Real Recognize Real! Who’s ready for the onslaught, who’s really GOING IN!!!!

Set List

1 – Sick – Science Vs Magic

2 – Phenonenom One – Science Vs Magic

3 – Speed Freak – Science Vs Magic

4 – Mount Zion – Freestylers Vs Wizard

5 – Sunblast – Freestylers Vs Wizard

6 – Bass Overload – Wizard

4 – See Me Inna Dance – IDK

5 – Rambo – Bassjackers, Ralvero

6 – Jack In A Box – Wizard & Ivory (A & D Remix)

7 –  Sign Up – The Rules

8 – Watch Out – DR P  (Elite Force Re-Edit)

9 – Get Your Dead Hand Off My Shoulder – Therapy (Wizard Remix)

10 – Put Your Hands Up – Dillan Francis

11 – New Perception – Wizard

12 – Heaven –  Emelie Sande (Pyramid Re fix)

13 – Jack In A Box – Wizard & Ivory (Science Vs Magic Remix)

14 – Snapshot – Wizard & Ivory

15 – Hand Grenade – Wizard, Ivory + Datsik VIP Mix

16 – Delirious – Science Vs Magic (Wizard Club Mix)

17 – Still Crazy – Ils

18 – Bubble 2 The Bass – Wizard & Pyramid

19 – The Growler – Wizard

20 – Soundbwoy Killer – Wizard

21 – Worries In The Dance – The Freestylers Vs Wizard

22 – You’re Not Alone – Stripper (Wizard Vs Tim Healey Remix)

We see you:

Ruff & Fresh Records, Krust, Pyramid, Science vs Magic, boss Lady Chann, The true Dubplate Drama  aka Dubs McQueen, Louis x10, Jack ‘video exposure’ Dunn, Deon RRR Clothing, Tenor Fly (Jagger killler), DJ Concept, Alan ‘E’s R Good E’ & ‘Deltoid’ DS, Daddy ‘buss it up’ Freddy, Deon RRRclothing, Rebel ‘Everything Bless’ MC & The Full Congo Natty Crew, Drummer Boy Joe and the New Cross House Nuttas, Tim Healey.. And last but by no means least Ivory’s MMS peeps and the full Jamm, 261 Brixton Road fam! IDK, Brother Spragg and the Alabamas, Segs, Ruts DC and everyone stuck in a???…


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