Pendulum Quit – Drum and Basslines – A brief review

With a career that has spanned many years now, have had an impact wherever they go. The australian band started out as a Rock band that then developed into the early days of the scene with anthems including Back to You, Another Planet and Tarantula.

Back to you :

Another Planet :

Tarantula :

With live shows around the world from Australia, UK, USA, Canada and many more their live show has been seen by millions.

Brixton, UK 2009 :

Germany 2010 :

With Jools Holland :

Ibiza :

Controversial as always they broke some faith from the Drum and Bass loyals by slagging off the scene. But that didnt stop them from gaining international recognition by attracting a new breed of fans as they took their brand of Drum and Bass to the mainstream. With multiple chart hits and 3 albums the legacy of Pendulum is secure.