Mr Mongoose’s Fantastic Weekend EP

This week sees the release of the latest Circus EP and we think it could be a biggie. More Moobahton than Dubstep, we’re proud to say it contains some of the best music we’ve put out in our 12 year history. Track one is a co lab between Doctor P and Dillon Francis, but don’t let that make you miss the jungle influenced dance floor rocker that is ‘Voodew’ by FuntCase (who is really stepping up to the game right now). The last track by Brown and Gammon ‘How I Feel’ is nothing short of incredible, don’t be surprised if this is the most popular seller on this release, it’s been the pick for BBC radio trend setter Mistajam.

1. Doctor P and Dillon Francis – Music Is Dead
2. FuntCase – Voodew
3. Figure – What Do You Need
4. 501 – Grindhouse
5. Brown and Gammon – How I Feel


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