Stilla Audio dance floor smasher

Stilla Audio are the most exciting label in at the moment, delivering dance floor smasher after dance floor smasher and covering all the colours in the musical spectrum. Their previous releases have been supported by the likes of Real Playaz head honcho and DnB pioneer DJ Hype, Hospital’s Belgian boy wonder Netsky, Marky, The Prototypes and many more!

They are proud to present Diskize aka Decimal Bass’ latest tracks, the mighty Weakness/Eventide which is set to ignite clubs across the globe.

Diskize – Eventide (ft DnBeth)

Eventide opens with female vocals from DnBeth before it introduces a mellifluous and pretty piano layer conjuring the feeling of spring time and flowering trees. Infusing breathy samples and fluid piano elements only further serves to create an enveloping atmosphere of bass where the listener is covered in a soft cloak of synthesisers.

Diskize- Weakness (ft Colossus)

Weakness opens with distorted and sped up vocals which instantly conveys emotion before breaking into a mid tempo kick beat and adding life to the track. Weakness is mellow enough to wind the rave down to the early hours but still maintains some elements of speed which bring the track to the forefront. The production is stripped back making it even more powerful to convey the message of ‘weakness’.

Diskize aka Decimal Bass has been making a name for himself in the industry and these latest offerings only prove his versatility and adaptability when it comes to making fresh Drum and Bass. Hailing from the south west of England, his sound is soon to be heard worldwide, do not sleep on this release!

Anile “Very rare do you hear a strong release with two tracks at each end of the spectrum both as strong as one another, beautiful vocals and I’m a sucker for that explorer break also… vibez!! got my support!! 10/10”

DJ Support includes:

A-Sides, Anile, Savage Rehab, N3gus, Dr S Gaschet, Bass Tikal, Basher, Stanza, Sappo, Kenny Ken…


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