Gato Preto ‘Dinheiro Negro EP Part 1+ 2′ (Oh Wow Records) FREE RELEASE!

After Gato Preto’s massive debut release “Tschukudu” on RiotRiot Records the follow up EP is pushing boundaries of contemporary club music further. The duo deliver a cross-over between club music and a social-political statements. They are very generously GIVING AWAY the WHOLE EP part 1 AND 2!


Gato Preto

‘Dinheiro Negro EP Part 1+ 2′

(Oh Wow Records)
Mumbathon, Electro, Bass Music, House, Tropical

Gato Preto previous releases have had support from:
DJ MAG (SPAIN) 9/10 ,
‘Nuttier than a squirrel in a straitjacket.”
TILLLATE A Mumba magic EP! “


EP Part 1:
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EP Part 2
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Gato Preto
‘Dinheiro Negro EP Part 1+ 2′
(Oh Wow Records)

Gato Preto are combining traditional latin / african rythms,massive subs and nasty synth grooves.You might say “this aint to new to me”..Damn right but this song comes with a message too:
Gata grew up in Portugal where her youth and early days as a grown up were disillusioned by prejudices, racism and crime. Dinheiro Negro (Black Money) describes the corrupted situation in developing countries like Portugal,which still are full of politicians who only have one thing in mind: Dinheiro Negro (Black / corrupted money).

The EP comes in 2 parts , with a selection of bass heavy mumbathon, tropical, latin, electro, grimey, remixes and even a touch of Star Wars! (Caballo Remix).

Dinheiro Negro EP Part 1
1.    Dinheiro Negro (Original)
2.    Dinheiro Negro (Ackeejuice Rockers Remix)
These boys freaking know how to tweek up the knobs to da giga watts!! With their combination of razor sharp synths,wobbling basslines and ass-kicking drums, dem rockers seriously destroyed this remix..Proper Peak-Time business!!
3.    Dinheiro Negro (Guapo Feo Remix)
Brooklyn based Bass Head Guapo Feo is delivering a 140bpm stomping combination of whats going on in tropical clubs nowadays: crossover tracks which fit more than one style.
Stomping drums combined with loads of the original’s melodies and Gata’s chopped up vocals giving this remix a unique twist without loosing the original’s vibe.
4.    Dinheiro Negro (Chaikov Remix)
Chaikov from Cologne is getting it more layed down with his Interpretation of a moombathon remix.Wicked work on the vocals,nice groove on the drums and loads of the original’s bits make this a good example that moombahton aint dead.

Dinheiro Negro EP Part 2
1.    Dinheiro Negro (The Bumps Remix)

London based producer The Bumps transforms the track into a whole new tune: he combines club music with tropical / latin influenced grooves and a new hook with a completly new vibe in contrast to the original.This is one for the ladies!
2.    Dinheiro Negro ( BIZT Remix)
Newcomer BIZT is part of a new breed of djs from Lisboa who combine deep and nasty basslines with traditional drums used in loads of their own countries music.The Effects, pannings and deep vibe in his remix are really getting people to move their hips.
3.    Dinheiro Negro (Caballo Remix)

09.06.12 @ International Shortfilm Festival / Detmold
14.06.12 @ Club Popozuda / London
15.06.12 @ Lovebox Festival / London
29.06.12 @ Fusion Festival / Germany
14.07.12 @ Zakk Club / Düsseldorf-Germany (DJ-Set) (TBC)
31.10.12 @ Globalbeats / Cafe Ada in Wuppertal
03.11.12 @ Club Blaa / Oslo

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