Deli J – Time To Die / Space Cowboy

Dope Ammo Records sub label DopeTek come with two wicked high-energy tracks catered strictly for the dance floor from label favorite Deli J.

The A track entitled “Time To Die” kicks off with high paced arpeggio synth melodies accompanied by the crispest beats and the sweetest sounding percussion that we have come to expect from this new skool upcoming talented producer. This soon gives way to a short fx edit with sampled “Time To Die” vocals and the monster drop is unleashed. Phat sub bass with huge synths layered perfectly and in typical Deli J style.

The AA track called “Space Cowboy” goes on a more experimental tip and pushes the Deli J sound to new higher levels of production. This tune begins with twisted up synth edits alongside a huge sounding kick and snare. A filtered breakdown soon follows which then paves the way for a catchy hypnotic groove that will get you hooked on until the very end.


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