TiD&B Interview: Logistics

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Writing an LP is surely one of the biggest challenges for a producer.  Having the pressure of producing a piece of work that not only speaks volumes for yourself as an artist, showing both your versatility and skillset, it also has to live up to expectations from both your label and your fans.

Yet one man that seems to be able to reel them off with consummate depth and style is Hospital Records’ Logistics.  Now rolling four LPs deep, Logistics, or Matt Gresham to his friends and fam, has only taken six years to complete four long players of the highest quality, each showing his evident range of production skills.  His recent release, ‘Fear Not’ is a 20 track journey filled with everything we have come to expect from Logistics; deep rollers, club bangers and everything in-between, with a few tempo switches thrown in for good measure.

Fresh from the LP dropping a few weeks back, TiD&B’s Andre had a few choice questions for the man himself, giving an interesting insight into the mind of a true production professional…




TiD&B: Your new LP ‘Fear Not’ has been out for a couple of weeks now, how are you feeling about it?

Logistics: It’s always nice to get the music out there after spending so long on the writing side of things.  I’ve been really happy with the reception so far, I try and focus on making music for myself so if anyone else appreciates it I always see it as a bonus.

TiD&B: Being your 4th artist LP did you approach it differently from the last three?

Logistics:  I changed my way of working for this album. Previous work was much more sample based and this time I was really keen to make as much of it as possible from scratch. I was also keen to make the album flow better than previous albums so I pretty much wrote it from start to finish rather than writing a bunch of tunes and then sorting the tracklisting at the end.

TiD&B: Did you have any other specific intentions when writing this album?

Logistics:  I knew that I wanted it to be more synth based that my previous albums, I was also keen to get some more vocal tracks on there as well as this is something I’d not really explored too much in the past.

TiD&B: We noticed a bit of dubstep on there, what are your thoughts on dubstep as a genre and how did you find making tracks at 140 bpm?

Logistics:  I’ve been a fan of dubstep for a while now – there’s certain types of dubstep I prefer over others but on the whole, I think it’s a really exciting genre right now. The sheer amount of diversity is one of the things that makes it so appealing.

TiD&B: Does the name of the LP ‘Fear Not’ relate to any fears that fans might have of you deflecting away from D&B?

Logistics:  Yes it was a way of reassuring people that I’m not about to make a complete U-Turn with my production sound.

TiD&B: A personal favourite of ours on the LP has to be the lovely ‘Sendai Song’, what’s yours?

Logistics:  I have a few although they are always changing. ‘Sendai Song’ is also one of my favourites, I’m also really happy with how ’2999 (wherever you go)’ came out.

TiD&B: We’re loving the album art on the LP, although it doesn’t seem to tie in with the title, what was the idea behind the pop art/rubiks cube look?

Logistics: Thanks!  I’ve grown up surrounded by screenprints and Pop Art due to my Dad being a screenprinter and it was something that I’ve always wanted to reference with my album artwork.

TiD&B: So what’s next for you?

Logistics: Lots of gigs and festivals over the next few months. I’m also touring Australia and New Zealand in July which I’m really looking forward to.  Towards the end of the year I’ll be looking to get back in the studio.

TiD&B: Can you give us 3 tunes that you’re really feeling at the moment?

Logistics: Mefjus and Neonlight ‘Hot Glue’, Jack Beats feat. Donae’o ‘You Should Know’ (Friction Remix), Jubei feat. Flowdan ‘Say Nothing’.

TiD&B: And lastly, how do you see D&B as a genre right now?

Logistics: There’s some really exciting music out there, I’m really liking the diversity that the genre has to offer right now.  Some of my

favourites at the moment are people like Culture Shock, Rockwell and Mefjus.


You can also grab a free track from ‘Fear Not’ which Logistics has give away as part of Annie Mac’s Free Music Monday series,   check out ‘Watching The World Go By’ featuring vocals by Alice Smith, below:

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