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This month we would like to offer you a £5 voucher off any product. This could will score you a free limited gold Trolley T shirt !

Use the code BBGOLD on the check out to get £5 off

New This Month

Booty Farm Canvas

Booty Farm Canvas – £45

Limited print and canvas. One of twenty. Designed by prolific artist Snug based on Bass Music culture. Size 40 by 40 cm

I Hate Ho's T-Shirt

I Hate Ho’s T-Shirt – £15

‘I Hate Ho’s’ is the brand new T-shirt now availabe in XL, L, M and S from our online store.
Get up in here!

Hotcakes vs Stanton's

Very Limited Edition – Hotcakes vs Stanton’s – £15

Limited edition T shirt from this legendary 2012 Miami event. Your chance to adorn the names of the biggest international booty bass headliners. Available in White or Black

Hotcakes Sunglasses

Hotcakes Sunglasses £7

Gold Trolley T-Shirt

Gold Trolley T-Shirt – £5

Bounce and Shake

Bounce and Shake – £15

New Pre-Order Items

Arriving in very limited amounts next month, get your pre-orders in now!

Uncle Luke vs Miami Bass

Uncle Luke vs Miami Bass – £35

The New Times describes Uncle Luke as the man whose booty-shaking madness once made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech.

Blondron Tour T-Shirt

Blondron Tour T-Shirt

Blondtron “Dance til You’re Dead” Tour Zombie Tanks & Tees available in black and white in men’s xl,l,m,s and girls tanks

New Vintage Items

RUN DMC / Beastie Boys

RUN DMC / Beastie Boys
T-Shirt – £125

Public Enemy

Public Enemy
T-Shirt – £75

Sir Mix A Lot 'Baby Got Back'

Sir Mix A Lot ‘Baby Got Back’ T-Shirt – £55

Naughty by Nature OPP

Naughty by Nature OPP Cap – £40

Dre 'Up In Smoke Tour'

Dre ‘Up In Smoke Tour’
T-Shirt – £45

'Banned in the USA'

‘Banned in the USA’
Cap – £95

Bass Boutique Sample CDs

Enter promo code GF15 at checkout for ‘The Sound of Ghetto Funk’ sample pack and get 15% off

The Sound of Ghetto Funk

The Sound of Ghetto Funk

Keith Mackenzie

Keith Mackenzie
Booty Breaks Vol 2

Ed Solo Presents Bass Lab Vol1

Ed Solo Presents Bass Lab Vol1

Ragga Vocals Vol2

Ragga Vocals Vol2

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