Blade Runner & Goldstar Remixes

Dope Ammo Records step it up once again for this massive release
featuring a selection of big dnb names. This release really does
showcase what the label is about. A perfect mix of new skool Jungle
and devastating dance floor jump up for the DnB masses!

Dread Recordings badboy “Blade Runner” makes his debut on Dope
Ammo Recs and mixes up Goldstar’s aka Benny Page’s “Crazy”
tune and takes it to a whole new level. Kicking off with crisp jungle
beats, vocal edits and that “Dark Stranger” melody line from the
original track. This track soon drops into typical Blade Runner
fashion and gives way to a huge monster reece bassline that we
come to expect from the dread recordings crew. Blade Runner then
goes on to add a Dope Ammo Recs stamp to the tune by switching
up the bassline’s using dread bass style b-lines and sweet sounding
808 sub’s to an awesome effect. If you’re a fan of Blade Runner
then your gona love this track!!!!

On the flip Dope Ammo and Resinate team up to bring you an
absolutely huge track of epic proportion. Taking samples from
Bruce Lee’s legendary masterpiece “Enter The Dragon” this tune is
an essential set opener! A massive film style intro with Bruce Lee
vocal edits and mashed up jungle breakbeats give way to a drop
that will have the crowd calling for the rewind each and every time.
Maximum dance floor damage guaranteed!


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