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Drum and Basslines is the home of DnBTV, 24/7 music channel dedicated to bringing you the very best Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Breakbeat, and Trap music to your home. We are also an international event brand, news portal, giving you the latest news, free mp3 downloads, and a social community with its focus on all things with an electronic bassline.

DnBTV involves YOU to suggest to us any music we are missing from our playlist, so check out the live page, and send us your suggestions!

Our last live event was in Kyiv, Ukraine on 24th March 2012 at Xlib Club with Doc Scott headlining.





Drum and Basslines was founded in 2010 as an international event brand with events in Ukraine, Belarus, UK, Georgia and other Eastern European countries.

After 2011 we had guests including Raiden, Mutated Forms, Unknown Error, and Doc Scott so far. This list will increase in the future!


Drum and Basslines - Flyer - Unknown Error Drum and Basslines - Flyer - Mutated Forms

Drum and Basslines - Flyer - Raiden and Mutated Forms Drum and Basslines 4 Flyer

Drum and Basslines Ukraine Tour - Simferopol Drum and Basslines Ukraine Tour - Donetsk


Raiden said ‘Definately one of the best ive played at this year’

Aleksandr (Mutated Forms) said ‘Thats 2 Drum and Basslines parties I have played at and really enjoyed both’

Unknown Error said ‘I would LOVE to come back and play again!’


Our event sponsors range from well known clothing brands like Adidas and Depo Jeana, online magazines including TopDJ andKefir, to internet portal websites based heavily in the electronic music scene.

Adidas Originals Ukraine Xlib Club Kyiv Depo Jeans Jungle Massive
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We are always looking for more sponsors for the website or our events. We will help promote your products in whatever way we can. So whether you are another website focusing on electronic music, a car manufacturer, online mp3 or vinyl shop, gaming or partypoker gambling site, entertainment portal, or even a charity looking for more exposure, then get in touch with us by email at contact@drumandbasslines.com

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